Biography of Artist......
I, Pradhnya Murtee, a product of famous Sir J. J. School of Fine Art, Mumbai. I studied Sculpture & Modeling, as a major. Basically from Nagpur, I belong to a family of Artist. Born on 1st July 1975, my father Sculptor Ravi Murtee, is a very well known sculptor from India, and I am proud to say that my father was awarded by the President of India in1983 for his work.
While studying, I started working with famous Sculptors like Mr. Vitthal Shanbagh (Ex. H.O.D. sculpture department) and Mr. Devkar, a painter and interior decorator of Mumbai, under their precious guidance.
My Experience :
  Sculptor Ravi B. Murtee, (President Awardee) Nagpur.
  Mr. Devkar, Painter & Sculptor, Mumbai.
  Satyan Pakhale, Industrial Designer, Amsterdam
Contribution : In the field of Social & Cultural activities.